Preassembled pipe modules or so called pipe packages are designed to save a lot of time in construction site or object and to minimize the quality risk comparing to normal assembly process.
It’s the reason to design and use such modules more and more.
The advantage of the pipe packages:

  • the pipe module assembling in pipe plant is much more efficient, quicker and guarantees better quality
  • pipe modules pressure testing, x-ray testing or final quality control is much more easier
  • in pipe plant is available and can be used all technological advantages in time of manufacturing like automatic welding, CNC processing, forming and surface treatment
  • the risks of quality are smaller and repair is quick as all the quality control is made in plant
  • pipe modules usage will accelerate the ship building significantly
  • responsibility of pipes manufacturing quality and deadlines are in one place/company
  • pipe module is designed to fit into certain construction area or room to assembly it just with one lift.
  • The pipe module consists of pipes, the frame which keeps the pipes inside for quick assembly and there can be also some smaller equipment (pumps, compressors, valves, filters, etc.) or isolation to be assembled.
  • Our plant can assemble all the needed pipe modules and later on in shipyard they just need to be lifted to the right place and connected with each other.