With 14 years our company has been grown and got such a good experience, that our assembly teams are building one of the most critical rooms in ships – engine rooms.
Engine rooms are the source for the whole ship pipe systems and that’s the reason the number and quality of contractors is very strictly controlled and limited.
In cooperation with shipyard and other contractors our assembly teams are daily working in shipyards and make all the works in ship sections. But in case of bigger pipes or bigger volumes its reasonable to build all pipes in our pipe plant.

We make the following works:

We assemble the following pipes:

  • steel pipes
  • stainless steel pipes
  • copper pipes
  • cunifer-pipes
  • plastic pipes
  • fiberglass pipes
  • ventilation pipes

We assemble the following equipment:

  • pumps
  • heat exchangers
  • filters
  • valves
  • cable channels and electric shields.

Pipes assembling works will be finished usually with pipe system washing from inside, pressurizing and taking to expluatation.

We assemble and weld in ships the different floor constructions, rails, stairs and work surfaces.

We make all pipes welding works, including steel and stainless steel pipes welding.
Our welders have all needed welding sertificates for both pipe materials and we have a program to develop our welders continuously.