Megastar NB-391

  • Klient Tallink
  • Valmis 2016-2017

This was one of Markland’s biggest projects with Meyer Turku shipyard.
Markland made all the ship main engine room pipes, ventilation pipes and pipe systems assembling, pipe modules build and assembling, cable channels-, walking levels-, different platforms and handrails construction. Also AC compressor compartment equipment assembling, ventilation- and pipe works. Also s
tern tube, fin stabilizez, Aft-thrusters, steering gears and Incinerator hydraulics pipe works altogether with system washing and pressure test.

Tallink new LNG powered ship Megastar is 212 m long, takes on board up to 2800 passangers.
Additionally to LNG the ship can use also diesel.
Megastar was specially designed for Tallinn – Helsinki line and fulfills all the new requirements of environment.